In Paris, common over-the-counter medications are sold only in pharmacies. You cannot purchase even ibuprofen at the corner store or a supermarket. A store is easy to spot as you walk down the Parisian streets. Each store has a large cross sign which can be lit up in red or green lights or flashing incandescently. Pharmacies get their licensure according to the demographic density of population around the city. Therefore, one block could have several newly built pharmacies. Most pharmacies around France, as well as other parts of the developed world, and this goes for both the online and in person pharmacies out there, are going to be open for, or at least try to be open for, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. The reason for this is that the demand of their customers calls for it! (le site)

Imagine a quick scenario in order to illustrate this case, and to prove why there is an actual and legitimate need for these pharmacies to be open literally all the time, and sometimes even on holidays. Consider a ditch digging worker that works twelve to fourteen hours a day in order to feed both him and his family, including on the weekends. Suppose that this man gets off work only at obscene hours, and cannot drive himself to the pharmacy at any hour later than four o’ clock in the morning every single day to get his medication for his chronic pain and ADHD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. In this very common situation around France, this person would literally be out of luck with regards to finding an appropriate time to go over to the pharmacy and pick up his medication! Without pharmacies being open late at night and literally all the time, hundreds if not thousands to tens of thousands of people would have the problem of not being able to fill their prescription at a moment’s notice, and would either have to leave work early, or wake up extremely early the next day before work just to pick up their needed medication, a truly huge inconvenience!

What Other Products to Pharmacies Sell, And Why Are Literally Almost All of Them Open for Twenty Four Hours a Day and Seven Days a Week, Including Even Holidays?

It is for this reason, that supply and demand, and what is known in economics as the invisible hand of the free market, guides the consumers’ needs to be met by pharmacies. If a huge chunk of the population had the same problem that our hard working friend here did, the economy would be in disarray, and the streets would be filled with people who could not fill their medication at the appropriate time that they needed to. The old adage that pharmacy’s are the “guys that keep the lights on,” is no joke! People need their medication, and they need it at a moment’s notice, which is why most pharmacies that you’ll run across in France and other developed nations, are in-fact open for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, and of why most are open even on holidays!

Most pharmacies also, and this is related to both those that are online and in person, are going to sell a wide variety of products besides just the prescription medications that your doctor writes you a script for, and this is to drum up additional business and sales from their customers, as well as to satisfy their already large customer base. Among the top products that most twenty four hour pharmacies and convenience stores are going to be selling include basic staples like white or wheat bread, water jugs, jelly and peanut butter, crackers, peanuts, cashews, assorted nuts, crackers, chips, cereals, frozen foods, occasionally alcohol, and finally light reading entertainment like catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and novels.

How to Get a Discount By Signing Up for a Rewards Plan The Next time You Visit Your Nearby Pharmacy

Now that you have heard the wide assortment of additional products and food stuffs that most pharmacies sell at all hours of the day and night, the following paragraph will teach you how you can truly make the most of your pharmacy’s rewards plan, and maximize your discounts to up to five percent, ten percent, or even fifteen percent on select items and rebates. The most common items that give these discounts to customer include food stuffs, snacks, candy, newspapers and reading materials, and most notably, prescription medications. The discount and rewards points card applies to literally every single prescription that you may need to pick up at the pharmacy, so sign up for your rewards points card and get discounts of up to 5 to 15% on all of your prescription drug needs!

Among the most common issues that people come into both online and in person pharmacies for in order to get medication are as follows:

ADD and ADHD, or Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Depression and Major Depressive Disorder

Bi Polar Mania, Bi Polar Depression and Manic Depressive Disorder

And last but not least, Generalized Anxiety.